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The Growth of Agri-tech startups in India

The Growth of Agri-tech startups in India

The Growth of Agri-tech startups in India

Agriculture has been a pillar of the Indian economy since its inception. Agriculture still provides a living for about 70% of rural Indian households, and it accounts for 17-18% of the country’s total GDP.

However, with increased food crop demand and issues such as unreliable rainfall and climate change, it is becoming difficult to keep the traditional agricultural system. As a result, a new word, Agritech, has emerged in the Indian agricultural environment.

AgriTech is a fusion of agricultural and current technology that produce effectively and provide enough cash to support livelihoods. According to a Nasscom report, Indian farmers are facing post-harvest losses totaling Rs 93,000 crore. The agritech businesses in this region are critical in decreasing waste and improving agricultural techniques, eventually benefiting farmers. The agritech solutions are aimed to improve agricultural productivity and profitability by minimizing crop loss and wastage.

The following are a few agritech businesses that contribute to the country’s GDP and the Growth of Agri-tech startups in India ,while also benefiting farmers:

1. Agrowave

The Growth of Agri-tech startups in India Agrowave’s mission is to make it easier for farmers to find markets and to build sustainable supply chain management. The company intends to simplify farming commerce by removing the middleman and always paying farmers a fair price for their crops.

Agrowave uses machine learning to enable a farm-to-business strategy. Their cooperation makes it easier for city dwellers to obtain farm-fresh meals.

It has constructed a number of pick-up stations to help farmers avoid making long travels while selling their goods. Farmers may publish their food for sale using a smartphone app available for iOS and Android, and delivery trucks can pick it up at the gates or pick-up locations. Payment is made quickly and securely using the app.

2. BharatAgri

It is a great initiative wherein BharatAgri provides farmers with advice on the item they wish to raise as well as support with the crop itself. They give pesticide information, weather forecasts, and soil analysis guidance. They help to maximize production yield by doing early cost benefit analysis.

The objective of BharatAgri is to educate farmers digitally so that they may increase the quality of their harvests. It provides guidance at every level of farming using offline and online strategies such as WhatsApp and In-App chat support.

3. Cropin

Cropin integrates agricultural, business analytics, and enterprise resource planning. They provide their services through a smartphone app that enables farmers and landowners to practice data-driven farming.

Cropin assists farmers by providing the infrastructure they require to maximize their agricultural ability and launch their enterprises.

The organization monitors the farms using AI algorithms and big data analytics. Land monitoring also makes use of satellite imagery and geotagging.

4. Ergos

The Ergos platform facilitates communication between farmers and owners of cold storage units by utilizing a mobile platform. One of the most immediate concerns confronting Indian farmers is a lack of cold storage facilities. After harvest, Ergos engages in supply chain management.

Many farmers in India waste food because they lack access to cold storage. Because their crops are yielding less, these farmers usually have to decrease their prices to make ends meet. The Ergos system allows farmers to store their grain in “grain banks,” or financial institutions. Farmers can take as little as one bag of grain at a time if necessary.

Agritech will undoubtedly play a crucial part in ensuring that farmers get a competitive advantage in the hopeful future that lies ahead. Agriculture is undergoing a digital transformation, and agritech businesses will undoubtedly bridge the gap between farmers and economic prospects.

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