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Indian Supply Chain And Transportation Importance

Introduction The Indian supply chain and transportation network form the backbone of the country’s economy. As one of the fastest-growing economies globally, India’s logistics infrastructure plays a pivotal role in facilitating trade, manufacturing, and distribution activities. In this article, we delve into the significance of the Indian supply chain, the challenges it faces, the role […]
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Seeds of Change Adopting a Farm-to-Table Revolution

Seeds of Change: Adopting a Farm-to-Table Revolution

Understanding Farm-to-Table Revolution: In recent years, the farm-to-table movement has gained momentum worldwide, including in India. This movement emphasizes sourcing food directly from local farmers and producers, promoting sustainability, freshness, and community support. Understanding its principles and benefits is the first step towards adopting a farm-to-table lifestyle. Benefits of Adopting a Farm-to-Table Approach Freshness: By […]
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rice exports ban from India

Rice exports ban from India?

Rice exports ban from India! Rice exports ban from India said on July 20 that it would impose export restrictions on non-basmati rice in a consideration to bring down domestic rice prices, which had risen by more than 30%. According to the government, the prohibition would prevent the grain from being sold abroad with “immediate […]
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Prince Khanuja: Business Founder Of Khanuja Group

Why is the Food Supply Chain Important?

Title: Nourishing the World: The Intricacies of the Food Supply Chain In a world where globalization and modern technology have interconnected nations like never before, the food supply chain plays a vital role in ensuring that shelves remain stocked and bellies remain full. From farm to fork! it encompasses a complex network of processes that […]
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